Smart Grow Pros provides comprehensive design-build consulting and business planning services to new and established cultivation companies. We work with preoperative clients to design and build highly efficient, large-scale indoor cultivation and greenhouse facilities, as well as streamlining, automating and enhancing operational processes for postoperative clients. We capitalize on the newest technologies and sustainable practices to reduce operational costs and increase profit margins while delivering reliably high-quality product. We engage an exceptional team of accredited engineers, architects, designers, contractors and suppliers to facilitate all steps of the design-build process and keep costs down. These strong relationships ensure we can meet all of our clients’ specifications and goals, while providing the highest standards in efficiency and quality.


Smart Grow Pros specializes in assisting clients starting from the ground up to design and build large-scale indoor cultivation and greenhouse facilities that operate with optimum efficiency through advanced automation technologies. Our team has years of experience in proprietary design framework, and we’re committed to making sure each and every crop thrives and produces maximum yields. We serve as a one-stop-shop for the development of new cultivation facilities. Not only do we deliver design and buildout services, we also facilitate everything from nutrient and lighting schedules to genetics programs and due diligence research. You name it. We do it. Procurement is another valuable cost-saving service we provide our clients. Smart Grow Pros maintains some of the most competitive commercial supplier accounts in the industry, so we can deliver supplies and equipment directly to our clients at phenomenal pricing. Our operational management principles are designed to produce consistent and high-quality product with maximum efficiency to enable our clients’ businesses to succeed and expand.


At Smart Grow Pros, we also work with fully operational companies that are seeking to scale up or need help modernizing their infrastructure or operating procedures. Cultivation businesses are complex operations, so we provide a wide range of consulting services to address any and all of our clients’ problems, and streamline their operations to enhance efficiency. We conduct operational audits of facilities that need reorganization and restructuring, both from a business and operational standpoint. We do site visits and make actionable recommendations based on what we see, with the goal of driving efficiency to reduce operational costs and deliver higher margins. To that end, we provide our clients with services ranging from automation technology and new lighting systems to test-control recommendations, odor mitigation and more.