Smart Grow Pros is a boutique cannabis and big agricultural consultancy driven to help businesses achieve their full potential through smart planning, rock-solid execution and unrivaled support. We are fueled by the overwhelming desire to seed a professional industry with as-yet-unrealized potential. Our years of experience and proprietary design framework are proof of our commitment to seeing each and every crop through to harvest.

Renowned cannabis cultivation expert Jody Vukas heads up operations at Smart Grow Pros and oversees all projects. Building on Mr. Vukas’ deep expertise, our experienced team provides comprehensive design-build consulting, business planning services and postoperative directives for our clients.

At SGP, our singular vision and environmentally focused execution has evolved from Big Agriculture, where razor-thin margins and ready-to-scale efficiency can make or break a business. Our tried-and-true operational management principles are built around creating a consistent and quality product.

We are dedicated to delivering higher operating initiatives for design builds and top-shelf product by spring-boarding highly economical operations. We work closely with the key stakeholders, and entire design and build teams, including the engineers, architects, designers, contractors, equipment providers and supply companies. So we can offer our clients a comprehensive package at excellent rates.

SGP sets the highest professional standards while capitalizing on the latest in capital-saving technologies and sustainable methodologies to realize margins that fuel our clients’ successful business.

Meet Our Founder
Jody Vukas

Lauded cannabis cultivation expert and thought leader Jody Vukas is the Co-Founder and Design & Operational Specialist at the helm of Denver-based Smart Grow Pros. He was one of the earliest cultivation pioneers in legal cannabis, operating since 2010 in the highly regulated Colorado industry. He has consulted on over two million square feet of grow space, and completed design and builds for facilities across the United States, Canada and abroad.

Mr. Vukas started his career on the ground floor as a cultivator and head grower. With years of hands-on experience, he knows commercial cultivation operations inside and out, and he understands the necessary requirements for success in large-scale commercial settings.

Leveraging his expertise, Mr. Vukas and the Smart Grow Pros team facilitate the design and buildout of highly efficient, state-of-the-art cultivation facilities. By reverse-engineering innovative solutions and building in automation and redundancy technologies, Smart Grow Pros helps clients reduce operative expenditures and realize increased profits.

Mr. Vukas works with companies across the United States, South America, Europe, and Canada, where he and Smart Grow Pros are designing and building advanced cultivation facilities to facilitate efficient operation. He also works with clients in Jamaica and other emerging regulated markets.

A renowned leader in the areas of efficient cultivation facilities and operations, Mr. Vukas is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and trade shows including the MJBizCon Las Vegas – ACT Summit, Indo Expo, Advancing Cannabis Cultivation Technology Summit, Grow Up Conference & Expo, and others. His popular sessions address issues relating to technology-driven efficiencies in large-scale operations that lower costs, increase profits and deliver consistent, high-quality product.

Speaking Engagements